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Things with Wings


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Things with Wings – part I is tells the story of self-acceptence. Shining light on your unique qualities, your own beauty and worth. Stepping onto your stage fiercely and gracefully with your wings spread wide.

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A carddeck, created for you

– The ART deck

‘A carddeck with a deep message for the world. I made this carddeck because it felt like I had to do this with my art and the messages that came with the artworks. My carddeck, she beholds so much love, light and power. Her vibration is high. She is made for the ones who felt misunderstood in their lives. Sometimes even broken but always felt the strength to rise from the ashes. I admire those women, know you are not alone. Let’s connect globally with the messages of the ART deck and form a greater sisterhood than ever.’ – Nicolette

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It was so special meeting you and also bringing the painting home. My husband and me looked at it for ages. It carries a beautiful presence of peace but also excitement and wonder of the things to come. I am so in awe and wonder, greatly humbled. This painting says so much about how it's time to flourish.


Nicolette was lovely and our communication developed over the coming months, all went amazingly smoothly. Thank you Nicolette! The painting feels like a joyful presence in my cottage and it puts a smile on my face each time I look at it.experience has improved.


Truly the most beautiful/meaningful card deck I have owned and seen. Immediately picked 3 cards. And wow! Spot on. Thank you very much. Everything you write in the book, about being/feeling different, etc. Exactly what I have always felt.

PaulaThe Netherlands

Ohhhh it's here. And it is truly beautiful, in every detail. Deeply moved to tears again!
Thanks for creating

TamaraThe Netherlands

Nicolette's Story

Nicolette van den Hadelkamp is a dutch contemporary artist. Her art is renowned for her colorful, floral artworks inspired by the feminine strength coming from softness, wisdom and connection.

Nicolette’s paintings give an insight to her rich and deep inner world, which you also could describe as a connection with the divine. Her artworks can be found in private collections all around the world.

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