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A carddeck of my own Art, it is a dream coming true

Over 10 years I use different carddecks on my own journey in life. From the first moment I love the magic of working with a carddeck. Daily I pick a card form the tarot app on my phone and send it to my love. And every day he shares the card he picks with me. Funny detail, we do this every day since we met each other. The first time we did this, we picked the same card. Isn’t that crazy, the tarot has 78 cards and we picked the same one. It was a good one and it feels like a symbol for our journey together.

ART deck – Connected by heART –

I start my week by picking a card from the Goddess carddeck and whenever I have questions or situations in my life I use a carddeck to give me insights. These kind of carddecks are also known as oracle decks. That is how carddecks found their way into my life and routine. When I have a tea with a friend and there is a carddeck on the table we pick cards and discuss it. There are so many ways to work with an oracle deck, like in coaching sessions, women’s circles, to break the ice etc. It doesn’t always has to be so serious.

It is hard to believe I created my very own beautiful carddeck. The ART deck -Connected by heART-. The ART deck comes with an instruction guide, in this guide are suggestions on how to use the ART deck. The messages that come with each artwork are also written in the guide. Let me tell you a bit more about how it all began with the ART deck.

3 cards of the ART deck

It was September 2022 after a long and hot summer where I couldn’t find the energy to be as productive as I wanted. In June I came back from 5 weeks filming in Greece for the Outstanding Artist. The whole summer I needed to process and recharge. But at the same time I felt so ready for something new. The idea of making a carddeck of my art kept coming back but I didn’t know where to start and how to do it technically. What I knew is how the final product should look like, a luxurious carddeck from my art with golden titles, a beautiful box, a true gift for each and every woman on earth.

And then at some point I googled ‘how to make a carddeck?’ and there it was, the website of Anouk Soute popped up. The help I prayed for was there. The journey of creating my carddeck could begin, I had found the carddeck Queen and she came with another Queen, Susanne Dekker. Susanne did the design of the ART deck, I really have no clue about these technical programs. I am better with paint and a brush. The team was complete and the journey could begin.

After months of surrendering to the process, decision making and waiting the ART deck, – Connected by heART – is here. The pre order has started and soon the final product will arrive. I am more than grateful for all the lovely words, encouragement, support and pre orders I received. The pre order comes with a beautiful gift of 3 Art cards.

Feel free to ask any question you may have about the ART deck

Love Nicolette