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Words of gratitude

Why I feel so blessed? — this was amazing..

It is already 2 weeks since the exhibition ‘Connected by heART’, I had an amazing time with everyone who visited online and in person, thank you! Last weeks I packed and shipped all the artwork that was purchased. Unfortunately the ART deck didn’t arrive in time for the exhibition, of course I was super disappointed. I worked for months on this beautiful carddeck and on the moment I had to give it in someone else’s hands, they made a big mess out of it. It felt a little bit like I brought my baby to daycare for the first time and they didn’t took care of her well enough. So I made a big decision and switched to another printing company. The flow is back and the new sample print will be ready in 10 days. Grateful I took this decision and grateful for this new printing company.


There were 2 publications about my Exhibition ‘Connected by heART’, you can read them here:

Many artworks have found their forever homes in the last months, all over the world. Which is amazing and I feel more than grateful. Cosmic Flowers, Universe Within is one of those artworks.
There is a whole universe of flowers within us and around us. We all bloom in our own way on our own time. There is beauty every where if you want to see it. Close your eyes.. ‘if you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it’ It is what William Arthur Ward wrote.
This painting is about feeling at ease in your own little universe. Feeling save and protected, from this fertile soil flowers can grow and bloom.
Join my heART talk for personal stories, words from heart to heart and to be the first to know about new artworks. I go back into my studio now, we keep in touch.

Love Nicolette