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Art Show ‘Beauty Reigns’ Miami: a stage for international Artists

An art Show initiated by the worldwide renowned Milan Art Institute, hosted by The House of Art, Miami. Miami is known for its eclectic display of art from around the world. In October 2023, the spotlight was on several international artists, who bring a unique blend of traditional and contemporary art forms. In this blog you can read Nicolette’s experiences


Connecting art lovers, collectors & artists

A big event, shipping some of my artwork to the other side of the ocean. Being part of an art show in the art district of Miami, a dream coming true. It was an amazing experience which I enjoyed. Doing a show like this with so many amazing artists, meeting and spending time with art lovers and collectors, what a great opportunity to show my art. Beautiful connections were build surrounded by many outstanding artworks.

From my tranquil art studio to a big metropol

I went from my silent studio surrounded by nature, where I spend my days most of the time alone with my dogs and my love, to this big, fast, crazy city. What a switch! I noticed that I am not used to the fast world anymore. It cost me a lot of energy to handle all this, the preparation for the Art Show was also intense. Adventures like this give you new perspectives and insights.

Artists United

This show was an excellent display of unity among artists from all over the world. Each artist brought a unique perspective and style to the exhibition, creating a beautiful and diverse collection of artworks. The collective spirit among the artists were visible, making the show not just a display of individual talents, but a celebration of the global art community. What a great way to exhibit art.

Photo with: Ellis Hollering, Hayley Anderson and Nicolette





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