A dream coming true!

A carddeck of my own Art, it is a dream coming true Over 10 years I use different carddecks on my own journey in life. From the first moment I love the magic of working with a carddeck. Daily I pick a card form the tarot app on my phone and send it to my […]

The Outstanding Artist

Me in a realityshow??? Yes, it happened. I still find it hard to believe myself and it still can make me giggle like a 6 year old girl every time I talk about it, haha. But I spent 5 weeks in Greece filming this big adventure called ‘The Outstanding Artist’. So far I can only […]

Healing Hearts Painting

Het schilderij ‘Healing Hearts’ is voor Morris en alle Hartekinderen van Nederland. Het ‘Healing Hearts’ schilderij kan van jou zijn wanneer je doneert. Hieronder lees je het hele verhaal hoe dit schilderij tot stand is gekomen. Het zijn er twee! Vertelde mijn broer trots.. Het zijn er twee! Vertelde mijn broer trots door de telefoon, […]

Personal Paintings

Personalized Paintings I often got the question if I do commissions. Yes I do on a very limited basis, I only take limited commissions a year and under certain conditions. When I have spots for commissions I announce it through my mailing list (subscribe here) or through my socials Instagram and Facebook. I call a […]

How to become an artist

Sign up and become an Artist Become a Professional Artist in just one year The one year online Mastery Program at Milan Art Institute is designed to help you transform your passion for art into a full-time profession from anywhere in the world. What you need is a internet connection, and some art supplies. Step by step you are guided […]