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An Invitation

Guess what? — Only 4 more weeks..

Here in my studio it is preparation time, because in 4 weeks it is time for my Exhibition ‘Connected by heART’. I am super excited about it, because with this exhibition I introduce the ART deck and all the paintings that belong to the ART deck. And there is so much more. I can’t wait because it has been a while since I showed my art in person.
Looking at the big collection of artworks I created in the past months and years, my heart fills up with excitement and gratitude. Selecting nice frames, working on new things, there is so much to do and I get overwhelmed easily (I have to admit I am not the most organized and structured person) So I keep it short.
The most important thing I want to say:


You are so welcome and I am so looking forward to meet you.
Ok I know a lot of you can’t come because of the distance, I have a solution for it…
In the week before the exhibition I will host 2 online exhibition tours through Zoom, wouldn’t it be amazing to meet each other there. What to expect?:
  • An online tour through the exhibition
  • I tell you all about the artworks
  • You can ask me any question you may have
  • A special gift for everyone who joins
And maybe it is sad you can’t come in person, but you have first access to the exhibition. First choice to purchase your favorite artwork before the onsite exhibition starts. The spots for these online exhibition tours are limited because I would like to keep them in an intimate setting.
Reserve your spot by clicking on the image
I hope to see you soon online or in person

Love Nicolette