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Become a Professional Artist in just one year

The one year online Mastery Program at Milan Art Institute is designed to help you transform your passion for art into a full-time profession from anywhere in the world. What you need is a internet connection, and some art supplies. Step by step you are guided by the best teachers how to elevate your skills, find your arstistic voice, build your personal brand and sell your artwork. You can choose to do the one year program with or without a personal mentor.

What you will learn during the one year Mastery Program at Milan Art Institute

  • Classical oil and drawing skills and contemporary mixed media techniques
  • How to build a cohesive, sellable portfolio of work
  • How to find your unique voice and style
  • Modern marketing and branding tools to promote your art
Basic + Personal Mentor


(12 payments total)

  • Includes over 100 hours of video content (2 years of access total)
  • Access to private Facebook training group for all students where you can connect with our artist community
  • All video lessons are designed to be learned solo, but we highly recommend choosing a personal coach for more success


(12 payments total)

  • Personal support and critiques throughout the entire program from your own personal mentor through Messenger
  • One-on-one Zoom meeting once a month with your mentor
  • Includes everything from Group and the Basic option

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How does it work?


You have a strong passion for art.

Monthly Payments

You register for this one year program with 12 affordable monthly payments

Video Education

You receive 1-3 hours of empowering videos a week that guide you towards your dream

Paint 20h a week

You paint 20 hours a week and elevate your skills as an artist by following step-by-step instructions

Find your Voice

You discover your true voice and learn how to promote your own unique brand that we help you establish.


You graduate as a professional artist and make your dream come true. You put in the work and make a living from selling your artwork.

My Story

How I became an artist

It was always my dream to become an artist, a dream that I was afraid to say out loud. I thought it was not possible to be an artist. As a young kid, I liked to draw and paint but when I got older other priorities came up. In 2012 I started painting because I felt a deep desire to express myself. I went to an open group from Sasja Bork in the Netherlands. I was so nervous the first time I entered the studio, but everybody was so nice and open. I made my first painting in acrylic guided by Sasja. When it was finished, I looked at it and was so proud of myself. That was a feeling I never felt before. After a few years (and rejections from dutch art academies), the Mastery Program crossed my path. It felt like this was the moment for me to step into my destiny, I subscribed. My goal was to learn more skills, to discover my voice and feel more freedom in my paintings. At that time I had a fulltime job but I felt so determined to become a professional artist, I spent all my free time studying and painting. I also joined on the Milan art retreat in Greece, that was such a great experience. In august 2019 I graduated and I knew everything I had to know to start up my art business! After a few months I became a coach and mentor for the Mastery Program. So I can be your mentor when you sign up for the mentor option ,

I would like to sign up for the Mastery Program

“I don’t paint dreams or nightmares, I paint my own reality.”

Frida Kahlo

Art I made during the program

Take a look at the artistic journey

During the Mastery Program I made a lot of drawings and paintings. Before the Mastery Program I made 2 or 3 paintings a year. I couldn’t believe that I was able to make 2 paintings a week, but I did and I still paint a lot. Here you can see some of the work I made during the Mastery Program. Drawings in charcoal, graphite, paintings and mixed media pieces with inks, collage, spray paint, goldleaf, acrylic and oil paint. A lot of these artworks are sold.