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The next edition of the ‘From the heART’ magazine will be released exclusively for members of Nicolette’s heART talk in December 2023.

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16 March 2024

Art Show ‘Beauty Reigns’ Miami

Art Show 'Beauty Reigns' Miami: a stage for international Artists An art Show initiated by the worldwide renowned Milan Art Institute, hosted by The House of Art, Miami. Miami is…
9 July 2023

The ART deck story

How I turned an accident into a Happy Accident At some point I reminded myself — You always have a choice.. In September 2022 I started realizing my dream of…
5 May 2023

About the Exhibition – Connected by heART

Words of gratitude Why I feel so blessed? — this was amazing.. It is already 2 weeks since the exhibition ‘Connected by heART’, I had an amazing time with everyone…
25 March 2023

From my Heart to Yours

An Invitation Guess what? — Only 4 more weeks.. Here in my studio it is preparation time, because in 4 weeks it is time for my Exhibition ‘Connected by heART’. I…
13 March 2023

The bigger picture and Divine timing

What if you can't see the whole picture yet. Are we in charge or do we have to surrender to the divine plan that is perfectly made for us? Do…
2 February 2023

A dream coming true!

A carddeck of my own Art, it is a dream coming true Over 10 years I use different carddecks on my own journey in life. From the first moment I…
14 June 2022

The Outstanding Artist

Me in a realityshow??? Yes, it happened. I still find it hard to believe myself and it still can make me giggle like a 6 year old girl every time…
14 April 2022

Healing Hearts Painting

Het schilderij ‘Healing Hearts’ is voor Morris en alle Hartekinderen van Nederland. Het ‘Healing Hearts’ schilderij kan van jou zijn wanneer je doneert. Hieronder lees je het hele verhaal hoe…
16 February 2020


I love to collaborate with other creatives. At the moment, I have several collaborations going on. The Wanderful Painting is a very special collaboration. Here you can read about it.…