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Personalized Paintings

I often got the question if I do commissions. Yes I do on a very limited basis, I only take limited commissions a year and under certain conditions. When I have spots for commissions I announce it through my mailing list (subscribe here) or through my socials Instagram and Facebook. I call a commission a personalized painting.

What does a personalized painting mean?

There are things in life that have special meaning to you. This can be a symbol, your sign or a spirit animal. And I could totally understand you want to transform this special symbolism into a painting. When you choose this option, you give me a subject that really matters for you, you pick the size of the canvas and give me an indication of a color palette.

The rest is up to me, I will create from my connection with my inner world and the outcome will be magical and designed especially for you.

If you feel this is for you, contact Nicolette