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How I turned an accident into a Happy Accident

At some point I reminded myself —
You always have a choice..

In September 2022 I started realizing my dream of making a carddeck from my art and the messages from the artworks. After overcoming some struggles, June 2023 all ART decks arrived at my studio, definitely a hurray moment!  I am amazed how beautiful the final version came out, I love the gold on it. When I grabbed one of the instruction guides out of the box and opened it, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The text and artwork didn’t match! How could this happen?

After some research I found out, for some reason there was an extra blank page at the beginning of the book. It caused everything moved one page. The description on the left doesn’t match the artwork on the right anymore. Everything else is just perfect about the ART deck, just one little imperfection. The perfectionist in me was about to collapse, the optimist tried to cheer her up with ‘it is no big deal’. In fact this imperfection on the ART deck, I worked on for months, was a big deal for me. We already went through so much on this journey.

After some days, I was sitting in my studio and realized there is always a choice. I went back to the core, why did I create the ART deck in the first place?

In a vision I see a web of love around the earth, small lights on the entire planet that start to shine brighter and brighter. You are all part of this vision. From the moment my artworks start to ‘speak’ to me with words that belong to the artworks, I knew a carddeck would be the perfect vehicle for the Art to make the divine connection’.

A few years ago I read the book: The Choice by dr. Edith Eva Eger. This book had an impact on me and made me realize you can always make the best out of the worst situation. And to be honest, this extra blank page, isn’t the end of the world. I had to deal with a lot worse in my live. So I started thinking… there is no budget to have the little books reprinted and it didn’t feel right to throw them all away, just because of a small imperfection.

Back to the intention of the ART deck.  A web of love around the earth, touch and heal as many hearts as possible with the art I create. So why not double this effect? The idea I got at that moment filled my heart with joy and felt like a higher calling. Everyone who decides to purchase the ART deck get’s an ART deck for free to give away, to a beloved friend, family member or someone who just needs it. This way the message of the ART deck will spread faster. And we will be all connected by heART even more. And on top of it, isn’t giving the best thing ever?

The ART deck made me humble, it is her journey not mine. I am just the birth channel for her to enter the world. That is how I feel about my art, it comes through me and not from me. I feel grateful to be part of the ART deck’s journey. And I bow for her, this edition is beautiful as she is. No worries about the blank page, I will fill it up with a personal note for you. Let’s call it a Happy Accident.

ORDER your HAPPY ACCIDENT edition of the ART deck here

 Let’s weave this web together.
‘Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. – Marilyn Monroe

Love Nicolette