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My childhood dream job wasn’t becoming an artist

As a young girl, my parents’ frequent travels for business opened my eyes to a worls of possibilities. Standing at the airport, for the first time I experienced the colossal wings of the planes. They were the biggest wings I had ever seen – the type that could bring you everywhere around the globe. Watching travellers and flight crew walking over the airport, all on their way, my imagination spun tales of their destinations and lives. To me, the Amsterdam airport was more than a transit hub; it was a gateway to adventure, a portal to freedom. I couldn’t wait to be old enough to travel on my own, and for sure I knew I wanted to be a flight attendant.

At seventeen, I embarked on my own solo adventures, first to England, then Canada and later to South America which – a continent that captured my heart from the moment I set foot on its soil. Though I pursued my childhood dream of becoming a flight attendant, the reality fell short of my expectations. I had to discover my own wings in a different way. The big wings of a plane didn’t gave me the freedom I was longing for. My journey as I flight attendant became a catalyst for profound self-discovery. I am thankful for my years up in the sky; I had many inspiring conversations with great people, and it brought me love —love for myself and a love that I didn’t knew exsist.

For a few years I am grounded—litteraly more grounded. I don’t feel the urge to travel so much anymore. I find my true sense of freedom in color, shape. lines and form: the realm of art. Painting became my sanctuary, my truest form of expression. The canvas is where my true wings take flight.

Life often leads us down unexpected paths, each twist and turn guiding us closer to our true purpose and, sometimes, to unexpected love. Have you ever found yourself on an unexpected journey, discovering truths you never knew existed?

The ‘Things with Wings’ collection, I work on, is an expression of self-acceptance on the canvas. The freedom you find in loving and seeing your own true colors is priceless. And maybe it is a never ending adventure, an ongoing journey that becomes more enjoyable once you are aware of your wingspan and capacities. My participation in ‘The Outstanding Artistfor sure played a big role in the creation process of this collection. Wether you saw the last episode or not, I won’t spoil anything, I can only say.. I am very proud of myself.
While I am preparing the launch of Part I for May 30th, the inspiration for Part II is flowing through my being. Slowly I am moving back into my studio, curious what the next brushstrokes want to express.

Meet the New Collection

Here is a sneak peek into the ‘Things with Wings – part I’ collection.

The smaller pieces

The Big Diptych

The Artist

The Assistants

The Breakthrough

The Start

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