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What if you can’t see the whole picture yet. Are we in charge or do we have to surrender to the divine plan that is perfectly made for us?

Do you ever feel like you are ready for something and then you have to wait. It happens to me a lot, those moments feel like little exercises in trusting the divine timing. Like a higher power says ‘no, it is not time yet’. When I surrender to the natural flow things come easy to me, when I don’t (and that happens too) everything becomes a struggle.

I was totally ready to show my art to the world in the beginning of 2020, when all the lockdowns came. So ok, it was not the time. I decided to paint as much as I could. I painted and painted. Queen after queen, 13 in total. And other paintings, I painted more than 60 paintings in the past 2 years. I felt like that was the purpose of the ‘lockdown time’ for me, turn inward and paint from the inside out.

It was spring 2022, when the world started to turn back ‘normal’ again and God had another big adventure for me. I was so ready although I was physically still recovering from a really tough period in my life. Physically I was not quite there yet but ready enough. So the higher plan was to spend 5 weeks in Greece to participate in a reality show, what an experience. Later this year I can finally tell you all about it. What I can tell now, it was so intense in many ways. Everything I thought, I had already been through and processed came to me again as an encore. And all of that in only 5 weeks, a melting pot of emotions. Highs and lows and the months after those 5 weeks, were a time of regaining balance.

In September 2022 I felt the urge to create a carddeck of my artworks and so I did, as you all might know haha. I am talking about it all the time because I am so excited about the ART deck. The creating process of the carddeck came to an end. I feel in all my cells it is time. Yes finally time to show everything I created in the last years to the world, it has been a while since I opened the doors of my studio. And I am going to do it in a way I never did before. Save the date 22nd and 23rd of April for my ‘Connected by heART’ Exhibition. The exhibition feels like a spin off, of where we all have been through in the past years. A spin off to celebrate we are all connected by heART.

Update about the ART deck

The ART deck in production!! It is no longer in my hands. Very soon I will ship the first ART decks to their homes. The gift that comes with the pre order already arrived, 3 beautiful Art Cards. The pre order will last until the end of this month.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about artworks, the ART deck or the upcoming exhibition. Or anything else you want to share with me of course:)

ps. I added new artwork to the website

Love Nicolette