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Me in a realityshow??? Yes, it happened. I still find it hard to believe myself and it still can make me giggle like a 6 year old girl every time I talk about it, haha. But I spent 5 weeks in Greece filming this big adventure called ‘The Outstanding Artist’. So far I can only tell I had an amazing time and this show is going to be so incredible. I feel like it is something new, something next level, something created with so much passion for life and art. Absolutely not an ordinary reality show but something that inspires you, makes you think about yourself and your own life, gives you hope, beauty and definitely will empower you!

Later this year the show will be broadcast and as soon as I know where, I’ll let you know through my mailing list and socials Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. The show is filmed on the island Spetses, Greece. The cast exists of 12 female artists on a journey towards the grand prize of $25.000,-.

From the beginning that I was asked to participate in the Outstanding Artist, I felt this was for me. I just couldn’t say no. Doing this was something for somebody who had an extreme fear of speaking on camera a few years ago. I totally overcame this fear and many others. I keep you posted about this adventure.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.